These brussels sprouts are the reason I started this blog.

I love brussels sprouts so much, I stalk them.

Now, I’ve been a fan of brussels sprouts ever since, a few years ago, I first experienced how delicious, crisp, and almost sweet they are when roasted. I actually recall one phone call with my dad (hi, Dad!) where he was on the verge of boiling some sprouts—I ordered him to stop immediately, turn on the oven, toss the sprouts with olive oil, and roast them instead. The internet has been aflurry with recipes touting brussels sprouts as everyone’s favorite conversion vegetable: people whose only exposure had been nasty boiled brussels (apparently my dad is one of the only people who actually likes them that way) suddenly realizing that they can be tasty when roasted or sauteed. Especially when you cook them with bacon.

Fried brussels sprouts are to roasted brussels as roasted brussels are to boiled ones. Fried : roasted :: roasted : boiled. It’s like the difference between a baked potato and pommes frites. These are brussels sprouts, elevated. They are a delight.

Bubble, bubble, little brussels.

And that’s, ultimately, how the germ of this blog was planted. I made these after I had some mind-blowing brussels sprouts at Zaytinya and wanted to see if I could replicate them at home—and they turned out to be so astonishing, and so easy, that I wanted to tell strangers on the street that they should skip work today to make them immediately. I posted something to that effect on facebook, but I still wasn’t satisfied that the message had gotten out. And so it occurred to me that, maybe, if I had a blog, I could reach the masses! I could proselytize fried brussels sprouts! Even if the only people who read this blog are my friends on facebook!

Whatever. You must make these. Now.

These are my friends, see how they glisten.

Fried brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts, in quantity of your choice [stalks are awesome]
Oil for frying

Clean and trim Brussels sprouts and quarter them, or halve them if sprouts are small.

Heat oil to about 350 degrees.

Fry in batches, about 2 mins per batch, til sprouts are browning. Don’t crowd the pan, as I kind of did in the photo.

Remove sprouts from oil and place on paper towels to drain; salt well. Eat immediately. Physically restrain yourself from eating all of them at once, because other people will want you to share.