March 2011

I blame the oatmeal scotchies: I’m on a butterscotch kick these days. And—big surprise—it turns out that homemade butterscotch is even better than artificially flavored butterscotch chips. Which, as I’ve discussed, are pretty amazing.

I couldn't bear to take a picture until I'd tasted it.

In case you wondered, which I did, how butterscotch is different from caramel: butterscotch is a type of caramel that is made with brown sugar, rather than white, and has more vanilla and salt. Googling this question brought me to Smitten Kitchen’s butterscotch sauce, which I think I have to make immediately. When the topic is butterscotch, googling is dangerous.



Last night we sprang ahead; today it was warm and sunny. I can’t wait for spring, but there’s just one problem: it will be too warm for creamy, luxurious, and decidedly cold-weather soup.

Not, as a dinner guest guessed, butternut squash soup.

There’s a ticking clock, people. If you like cheese or beer—and I don’t think  I know anyone who doesn’t like one or the other—make this before it’s too late.


This is, hands-down, the best salmon I have ever made.

How I have managed to make so much mediocre salmon in the past is a question for another day. The only questions today are: (1) do you like salmon? and (2) do you like Indian food? Unless you answer “no” to either of those, you must make this.


In my last post, I confess that I went on for a bit about how great it is to eat things that are natural and healthy, without any dreadful processed-food chemicals.

This post is not about that. Because it turns out that dreadful processed-food chemicals can yield some truly magnificent results, like the unparalleled glory that is Velveeta with Rotel chilies.  I am not kidding.

Butterscotch chips lie somewhere in that same universe of processed food. Read the ingredient list at your peril. I don’t know what it is about them, but they are AMAZING. And in these butterscotch oatmeal cookies, they are just insanely good. Whatever chemist came up with the magical combination of scary ingredients:  I thank you.

Better than scotch.

Next time, I’m trying these butterscotch whiskey bars, if only because I like that the name has “scotch” and “whiskey” next to each other.