June 2011

I’m moderately obsessed with leeks these days. They have such a mild, sweet onion flavor, and they can stand on their own as a vegetable in a way that regular onions are often too harsh for. I’ve recently made Orangette’s leeks vinaigrette and the aforementioned leek and blue cheese toasts, and one of these days, when I’m feeling reckless, I’m going to make these creamed leeks.

Then there are these surprisingly lovely leeks in white wine.

You should consult this photo, not the New York Times photo, if you want to know what this recipe looks like. I have no idea what's in their photo, but it's not these leeks.

There’s not a drop of butter, but somehow this treatment makes the leeks feel buttery, all rich and luxurious. I knew wine must have magical powers.



Another wonderful thing that I got from my mother (in addition to, you know, life and all that—oh, and some really great jewelry) is this astoundingly easy, delicious, and healthy multigrain bread. There’s whole wheat flour and oatmeal and flaxseeds and no kneading, and I even tossed in some wheat germ, just because I could. Take that, $5 bread from Whole Foods.

It's even healthy when slathered in butter! According to me.

It’s seedy in all the best ways.